Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of ResMed’s Rewards program?
Become a ResMed Rewards member, and you’ll not only enjoy a range of member benefits, but also become part of a support network of other patients, and the community at large. By being a ResMed Rewards member, you can:


  • Become part of a network of people on a similar journey, providing mutual support and advice
  • Get an extended manufacturer's warranty* on your CPAP/ APAP Device
  • Access a range of educational articles and videos on sleep apnea
  • Register your interest to take part in clinical trials and be one of the first to trial the newest products on the market
  • Access our free member support line – 1800-103-3969
  • Be part of exciting promotions and special offers.
  • Membership is FREE for Indian residents. Join today.


Note: The questions and answers above are for general information purposes only. For further information or clarification, contact ResMed Rewards or call on 1800 103 3969 

How to become a member of ResMed Rewards?

You just have to follow below steps to become member of ResMed Rewards program:

What is the eligibility criterion to become a ResMed Rewards Member?
  • One should register with the correct serial number to avail 2+1-year warranty
  • One should be a resident of India.
What happens if I buy a ResMed product overseas or over the internet and it is defective?

 You have to deal directly with the seller (dealer). ResMed Service Centers are located in each region where accredited outlets sell and support ResMed products, and these service centers are certified to repair products sold only in these regions.

What happens if I buy a ResMed refurbished device?

ResMed is not liable to provide support to these machines and also the owner of refurbished machine is not eligible to get the extended warranty. 

How can I locate the store details of ResMed Rewards authorized dealers?

Kindly follow this link to find ResMed authorized dealers -

Will my personal information be sold?

Absolutely not! The rewards program and your information managed by ResMed. None of the information you give us will EVER be sold, rented or shared by either company or its employees or associates.