Terms and Conditions


Standard Warranty 

1. This warranty covers following ResMed products from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase for the period specified below: 

Warranty Period

CPAP, BiLevel & Ventilation Devices (including external power supply units like PSU’s)


2 Year

Portable diagnostic/screening devices (ApneaLink Air)

NONIN 8000 series reusable soft pulse oximeter sensors


CPAP and bilevel device data modules




1 Year

Oximeters and CPAP and bilevel device oximeter adapters

Humidifier cleanable water tubs

Titration control devices

Astral internal and external batteries

Astral FiO2 cells


Stellar Battery (Sold with the device)

6 Months


Mask systems (including mask frame, cushion, headgear and tubing) —excluding single-use devices and AirTouch UltraSoft memory foam cushion






Accessories — excluding single-use devices

Flex-type finger pulse sensors

Humidifier water tubs ( Standard )

Spare parts purchased separately

Standard tubes

SlimLine™ tubes

ClimateLineAir™ tubes

ClimateLine™ tubes


2. All transport costs to and from ResMed are to be met by the customer, door to door. Any additional costs incurred in effecting delivery will be invoiced to the customer. 

3. Customer is entitled for one free service within the warranty period and that should be availed within 6-9 months from the date of invoice.

4. ResMed India Pvt. Ltd. warranty does not cover any damage caused as a result of improper use against instructions in the user's operating manual, abuse, modification or alteration of the product, any damage or contamination due to cigarette, pipe, cigar or other smoke; and any damage caused by water being spilled on or into an electronic device.

5. Warranty is void if the ResMed equipment is tampered with and does not cover repairs carried out by any service organization that has not been expressly authorized by ResMed to perform such repairs.

6. This warranty is only available to the initial consumer. It is not transferable. 

7. Disputes, if any, which may arise in regard to settlement of claim shall be subjected to jurisdiction of court at New Delhi. 


 ResMed Rewards warranty 

  • 1. The ResMed Rewards membership warranty is an extension of the standard manufacturer’s warranty for one additional year on ResMed devices (excluding all masks, Astral and Stellar devices) that are registered through the ResMed India website within 90 days of purchase.

2. Product registration through the ResMed India website requires a valid device invoice

3. This warranty is only available to the original purchaser. It is not transferable.

4. If the product fails under conditions of normal use, and none of customer’s statutory rights or remedies apply, ResMed will repair or replace, at its option and at its own cost, the defective product or any of its components.

5. This warranty gives customer specific legal rights, and he may also have other rights which vary from region to region. For further information on warranty rights, contact our local ResMed office.

6. If Customer have any questions or would like the address of our nearest ResMed service dealer, please contact our friendly customer service consultants: email contact-us@resmed.co.in or call us at our toll free number 1800-309-1989